Digital VR Physics

Tom Campbell’s TOE (Theory of Everything)

Physicist Tom Campbell agreed to help astral traveler Bob Monroe create the Monroe Institute in exchange for help in learning how to do Out-of-Body travel. After mastering OBE skills and establishing training programs at the Institute, Campbell left to do 30 years of research as a physicist in the out of body state investigating the nature of reality.

Campbell concluded that we are all individual units of a greater consciousness that is creating this and other digital virtual realities in a way that requires maximum freedom of choice for us to fulfill our purpose, which is to evolve our consciousness into pure love.

As a result of his research, Campbell wrote My Big TOE (MBT) and established the Center for the Unification of Science And Consciousness.

A good introduction to Campbell’s physics is his 2008 lecture in London. Here’s the first of 18 YouTube clips of the London lecture:

MBT Workshop – Day 2, Part 1

Here’s a more recent lecture given at Campbell’s three day workshop in Calgary, Canada. This is day two, which was devoted to theory: