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In physics, a Theory of Everything (TOE) is one that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena and predicts the outcome of any experiment that could be carried out in principle. is most interested in “big” TOEs by physicists who attempt to explain not only all known physical phenomena, but also the results of numerous experiments that show an interaction between consciousness and physical reality that can’t be explained with traditional “little” TOEs.

An example of that kind of experiment is the ground-breaking one performed by Dr. Dean Radin where he found physiological reactions to traumatic images occurring in subjects as long as 2 or more seconds before the images appeared randomly on a computer screen, while there were no precognitive physiological reactions to random images that were to appear with neutral emotional content. [more]

And perhaps most significant of all are physicists Russel Targ and Hal Puthoff’s 23 year long work with ESP done for the CIA and DOD at Stanford. They were able to train army volunteers to project their consciousness to remote locations and successfully collect accurate data about activities and structures at the locations. The top secret “Remote Viewing” program was begun in the early 1970’s and was targeted primarily at the Soviet Union. [more]

It seems that research which tends to show some kind of paranormal ability is assumed to be flawed by scientists who have not looked at the data. Such a prejudice could be due to centuries that scientist spent fighting superstitious beliefs and religious persecution (such as that encountered by Galileo) to finally win their place in society as the arbiters of what is rational and logical.

Another reason for rejecting data which supports anything with a paranormal aspect is given by physicist Tom Campbell. Campbell says that experimental results which can’t be explained theoretically tend to eventually be ignored, since they are career dead ends for physicists. We were reminded of that idea during our visit to Texas A&M when quantum physicist Marlan Scully (who was discussing a totally different subject) said, “Never believe an experiment until it’s proven by theory!”

So we’re looking for big TOEs by physicists who not only explain physical reality, but also explain the greater reality that takes into account the demonstrated paranormal aspects of consciousness. And most importantly, we’re looking for big TOEs that can be explained in a way that might be understood by those of us who are non-scientists!

Since physicist Tom Campbell’s theory fits all those criteria, we began our organization by studying Campbell’s theory at monthly meetings in Santa Monica, California. We were particularly interested in Campbell’s theory because it not only opens up a new field of physics, it also has led him to some very thought-provoking conclusions about the nature of reality.

For example, Campbell has concluded that we are all individual units of a greater consciousness that is creating this and other realities in a way that requires maximum freedom of choice for us to fulfill our purpose in this reality, which is to evolve our consciousness into pure love.

Tom Campbell’s MBT

Campbell’s model describes our universe as just one of many digital virtual realities. Because his Big TOE describes consciousness as fundamental and consciousness is subjective, he adds “My” as a subjectivity reference in the title of his theory, which is My Big TOE (MBT).  Tom Campbell has given lectures all over the world about MBT.  There is also an active forum on his website here.  A good introduction is his 2008 lecture in London. Here’s the first of 18 YouTube clips of the London lecture:

MBT Workshop – Day 2, Part 1

Here’s a more recent lecture given at Campbell’s three day workshop in Calgary, Canada. This is day two, which was devoted to theory:

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