Double Slit Detector Debate Project

As of November, 2021, some progress has been made in quantum physics experiments proposed in this peer-reviewed quantum physics paper by physicist Tom Campbell. In 2013, producer David Watkinson proposed an experiment to decide the answer to a question for which there are opposing views among physicists:

OBE (Out of Body Experience) Evidence Project

We are collecting 1st and 2nd hand video reports about OBEs that have an objective or subjective evidential aspect. By “objective evidence,” we mean an experience where the experiencer saw or heard something in this reality that was later verified to have occurred. By “subjective evidence,” we mean an experience that was life changing for the experiencer. We are interested in all types of OBEs including NDEs (Near Death Experiences.) So If you personally experienced an OBE with an evidential aspect, or if you read about one, or saw a video about one, please submit a video report. ********************************** Nottingham Trent University Online OBE Survey We’d like to thank our members and visitors who participated in the Nottingham Trent University Online Survey on the content of Out-of-Body Experiences, which ended 9th November 2014. Thank you!